Pups are 8 weeks old now
(Diesel X Leah)
Posted 10-06-07
Last updated 06-20-08

Miss Yellow Collar

 10-06-07 Mr Red's new name is Diesel and this is his new family from Hazlet, New Jersey

Miss Blue Collar is spoken for

11-10-07 This is Blue's new family from Smyrna, Delaware (they have a 5 year old son also)

Mr White Collar

Mr Green Collar

Mr Blue Green is spoken for

 10-10-07 Mr Blue Green's new name is Simon and this is his new family from Essex, Maryland
Simon is co-owned by G-Dieter Danes

Mr Red White Collar is spoken for

10-09-07 Mr Red White's new name is Sergeant and now lives in Haymarket, VA

Miss Red Green Collar

Miss White Yellow Collar

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