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Updated 07-19-09

Posted July 19, 2009

On July 18, 2009 my wonderful unforgettable Mojo (G-Dieters Miracle By Chance) was laid down to rest and will never again feel any pain.

A few years ago he had cancer in his one back toe.  It was removed and the cancer never came back again. 
For the past year or so we have been fighting arthritis which was all through him.  He had a few bad episodes and Rimadyl got him through them.  The last episode started with him crying out in pain each time he tried to get up.  We put him back on Rimadyl and also tried Tramadol without success. He also had an infection in his urine which probably came from his prostate which we treated with Baytril.  I then took him back to Dr. Langenbach in Vienna, VA.  She was the Vet who did his knee surgeries.  I thought maybe she could do more for him, all along thinking that I was going to have to put him down.  She gave me some hope by putting him on Prednisone for the arthritis in his back and Gabapentin for the impingement we saw in his spine.  Unfortunately, the infection in his urine came back as my regular Vet feared it would.  He went back on the Baytril and I spent 5 days wetting him down to keep his fever under control.  He would not eat and I could barely get him to get up to go outside.  I fed him chicken and rice by hand as he laid flat on his side.  I thought this was it and my Vet said she didn’t know what else to do for him but the 5th day his fever finally broke.  He got up and started eating and going out without being coaxed.  He actually picked up a toy and started playing one day.  I thought he was going to be ok.
About a week later, he started hurting again and stopped eating.  That was this past week.  I knew I was being selfish by keeping him alive but I just could not say good-bye to him.  This magnificent big solid strong animal had become a bag of bones and so frail.  He was on Baytril for 3 weeks and as soon as we took him off of it, the fever and infection came back.  If we took him off the Prednisone, he would be in severe pain.  It was time.  My baby is no longer in pain.  Bye-bye Mojo.  I will never forget you.



Raleigh, North Carolina    March 2002

Great Dane Club of America
Lancaster, PA October 14, 2001

In his first point show-and what a way to debut, Mojo took his 6-9 Black Puppy class under Judge Mrs Carolyn Thomas.
Peggy was the only owner handler.
We were proud.

Mojo's pedigree

Mojo and Seth


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