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At Our House


   Trinity (Diesel X Tink)
   Zak (Our Golden Retriever)

   Mojo (Chance X Gigi)



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Living With Others


Fancy      Klank
    Isabeau  Thor
  Dolly                  Adam        Hezekiah
       Levi        Grayson Jojo
     Cooper                 Tommy                       Brutus (Gibson X Gigi) Sage
       Leo    Hudson     DeeDee

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Co-Owned Danes

   Safari, aka Dancer (Diesel X Tink)
   Trinity, aka Torrie (Diesel X Tink)
   Tennee, aka Ditto (Potter X Merci)
   Diesel (Astro X Fancy)
  Tobias (Lance X Tobi)    Max (Lance X Tobi)
  Malachi (Hezekiah X Stonie)       Morgana ( Hezekiah X Stonie)
   Leah (Rock X Maizey)   Brutus  (Joppy X Xena)
  Zion (Astro X Fancy)     Stella (Astro X Fancy)
  Foster (Astro X Fancy)   Merci (Mr T X Isabeau)
  Ben (Tango X Gigi)     Joana (Tango X Gigi)          
  Rock (Mojo X Isabeau)   Michaela (Mojo X Isabeau)  
  Maizey (Axel X Gigi)
  Tobi (Striker X Isabeau)   Cyrus (Striker X Isabeau)

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Danes In The Past

   Alex (Axel X Isabeau)      Moses (Axel X Gigi)
     Abbie (HBD Abigail GDieter)
      Axel (G-Dieters Home Boy)
     Belle (Himadane Belle Von Greta)
     Blondie (G-Dieters Just By Chance)
     Bogy (G-Dieters Its All Right)
     Chelmor (G-Dieters Chelmor)
     Gabbi (G-Dieters Home Run Gabbi)
     Gibson (G-Dieters Debonair Gibson)
     Gigi (G-Dieters Gabrielle)
     Greta (Paige Greco Greta)
     Griz (G-Dieters Little Grizzle)
     Kelly (G-Dieters Kelly Green)
     Klank #1 (G-Dieter Klank)
     Moky (G-Dieters New Way To Fly)
     Moon (Wreckers Gift-Moon Von Greta)
     Sonsee (Sonsee-Greta's Special)
      Tee (G-Dieters Wild Thing)
     Winston (G-Dieters Winston)

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