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Updated 01-09-09 
We were told these guys were ragdoll cats. 
But now we are told by a Ragdoll breeder/rescuer that these cats are not ragdolls. 
We do not really know what kind they are. 
Maybe some pure bred cats of different breeds (owned by the back-yard breeder) got together. 
What we do know is that these sweeties are in need of homes...

males available to approved homes

These cats (along with a lot of other animals) were seized from a back-yard breeder in Alabama. 
The poor babies had to be sedated to get them cleaned up since they were matted with feces. 
They all have been neutered.  Ages are unknown but believed to be young adults.
We are fostering them until they find their forever homes.
They have not been handled much but are coming around.  They love to play and be petted. 
They are just cautious when hands come toward their face.

For more info or to meet these beauties
Please contact Peggy at 301-745-8922 or


Weight: 8.25 pounds


Weight: 8.2 pounds

McCloud and Sunshine like to play together.
Pleaes consider adopting us together.


Weight: 8.25 pounds


Weight: 8.75 pounds
Popeye has what is called an American curled ear.
He is also blind in one eye.


Weight: 8.75 pounds


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